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Gethsemane process
I wanted to make this animation because I recently saw the 1973 movie Jesus Christ Superstar and I loved the songs. Specially this one. It portrays a scared and frustrated Jesus and It resonated with me so I decided I wanted to animate this last part of the song. 

For it I first drew a very simple and rough storyboard to give me a sense of the acting and the emotions and also to have my shots correctly framed.
After the storyboard I proceded to block the animation using stepped tangents and this was the end of day one of animation.
The next thing I did was to give it a second pass on blocking to refine the movements and make it easier to spline it. I also painted a sky and a ground for the animation. This was the end of day three.
After the second blocking I splined the tangents and did some more refinement over the animation and changed some things. I also learned how to get rid of the white frame when playblasting so now it is actually fullscreen. Lastly, I applied the correct textures to the model. And that was the end of day five. The only thing left is to spline the face and make some adjustements.
This is the final product. At the end of day 7 had already fixed some little details, splined the face and even fix some camera details. 
This excerise really helped me to learn some things i wasn't taught at animation school that can only be learned by practicing.
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