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Skirt fake collision dynamics

Actualizado: 23 abr 2022

I'm rigging this model a friend did and when it came to the skirt i really wanted a collision system in which the leg could move the skirt by colliding with it.

Character setup before the skirt system

I've never done anything like that, all my previous rigs that involved a skirt i've always made it move with the legs or separately but manually. So i challenged myself. I heard that collisions could be simulated by using matrices, so i did some research and tried to implement it on my rig. But... it didn't work... I did an excerise before puting it on my character, just be sure i understood the system, and it worked fine! it was just what i needed so i was very excited to use this on the skirt. Sadly, this was the result:

The green joint is supposed to be colliding with the plane in front of the leg but i was just getting this weird result. I'm fairly new to this kind of systems so i did what i could to try to fix it but it was in vain. I wasn't able to fix it, so for time reasons I ended up just using the upper leg rotations to trigger the skirt joints movement. Really archaic system and it doesn't work as ideal as the first method did on the test file but here's the result:

In conclusion, I did fix the problem but not in an ideal way. Any help or tips are appreciated, even if this post becomes old.

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