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Anual Self protrait proyect



You know what happened in 2020. I was home for so long that i thought i'd draw a pink guy on my wall and i got a bit attached to him, so i thought i'd include him in the picture.



This year i got in touch with my inner child. I mean, I'm not that old yet, i know, but i always felt like my childhood was taken from me. I never got to lay it down genlty like i wanted so i wanted to do some healing.



In 2022 i felt like i was finally enjoying my own freedom. I got myself a pair of rollerskates and took the train to the  skatepark so many times. I loved those times. I also started SSRIs. I felt a million times better. In the picture you can see happiness on the right behind  me, like he's protecting me and on the left there's sadness almost totally disappearing but still there.



This time i thought i'd make something more experimental. It feels like life is getting so tiring and i kinda feel insane at times. What's keeping me up? Someone with a cane and some blond dude with a black goatee. Also, this year i'm working on making a clown out of me... which is to say that i'm challenging social norms on what a guy should be or look like. I've cut my own hair and tailored my own clothes and some people are not liking it but i'm working on not caring about their opinions and only value mine, 'cause after all, i'm the one in this body, not them.

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